POS System Developer/Programmer Analyst

Company Speedway LLC Job Category Programmer Analyst/Software Developer Job Type Full Time Job Title POS System Developer/Programmer Analyst Contact Name Jordan Crow Contact Phone 937-863-7196 Contact Email jocrow@speedway.com Job URL https://wfa.kronostm.com/index.jsp?SRCSEQ=postingSearchResults&locale=en_US&applicationName=SpeedwayLLCReqExternalSeekerSite&SEQ=jobDetails&POSTING_ID=87684143497 Posted Date 2019-02-21
Job Description Job Overview:
This is an open position for a Developer/Analyst on the Point of Sale (POS) development team. POS developers implement enhancements and fixes to the POS system that runs in all Speedway stores. Speedway’s POS system is extremely robust. Its purpose is to quickly execute and properly record the various types of transactions that can occur at Speedway’s stores. Once recorded, the system is then responsible for exporting the information to various host based systems. Transactions can range from very simple to extremely complex. Speedway’s Point of Sale system is written in Microsoft C++. The system components run on various Window OS based machines such as the point of sale, credit server, site server and fuel controller. The POS system is an object oriented event driven application where objects register for events and execute when those events occur. The system database is SQL Server.

Eligibility Requirements:
Experience designing, coding, testing and deploying enhancements to a POS system.
Experience designing, coding, testing and deploying enhancements using Microsoft Visual C/C++.

Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent Work Experience
If Degreed, preferred Major: MIS or Computer Science

Work Experience Desired:
Technical Knowledge Required:
• Proficient in Microsoft C++ development
• Experience enhancing event driven object oriented code.
Optional but Highly Preferred Skills:
• Experience with POS systems
• Experience with Gilbarco/Wayne Pumps and CRINDs
• Experience with C#

Business Knowledge Required:
• Experience maintaining and enhancing a Point of Sale system
• Familiarity with POS data and functions; items, barcode, sales, voids, promotions, specials, discounts, methods of payment, electronic journaling, taxes, etc.

Other Skills:
• Must be extremely organized and motivated.
• Must work with a sense of urgency.
• Work extremely effectively in a team environment.
• Strong verbal communication skills.
• Strong written communication skills.
• Must have a passion for quality control.

Core Job Responsibilities:
1. Work closely with project managers, business analysts, business clients and other RPOS team members to define requirements, design, estimate, code, test, certify, pilot and rollout request changes.
2. Provide support to Speedway help desk personnel to troubleshoot and resolve Help Desk calls.
3. Be available to provide 24/7 on-call support if required; support phone is rotated.
4. Maintain development test environment.
5. Work with deployment team to build and test software deployment packages for certification environment and live stores.

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