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Help us educate and inspire the future of STEM workforce!

A Software and Systems Engineering Analogy for STEM Outreach

Software and systems are built from small pieces of code that are aggregated together to create a full system capability. These murals provide analogies to help teach the concept of systems engineering and software development to K-12 students. These murals are composed of hundreds of individual LEGO kits of less than 75 blocks each. Each kit has its own set of instructions, like specifications or requirements, and a place where it fits onto the board in its architecture. Together these hundreds of kits form a complete picture or system. While developed individually, they must be connected together, like interfaces, to work in a seamless way.

Help us create a new mural to be used in Southwest Ohio as a method to teach systems and software engineering to the K-12 community. This mural will be used by Girls Who Code Chapters, the Girl Scouts, and any other STEM related non-profit at no cost to them through the Technology First offering. For-profit companies may also rent the mural from Technology First.

Sponsorship Levels Available at $1,000 and $3,000.

Help us teach the future and generate the next generation of STEM workforce!

Interested in bringing the kit to your school or program? Contact Melissa Cutcher to get started!

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