In keeping with the policy of maintaining the highest standards of conduct and ethics, Greater Dayton IT Alliance (GDITA), DBA Technology First, will investigate any suspected fraudulent or dishonest use or misuse of GDITA’s resources or property by staff, board members, consultants or volunteers. GDITA is committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct and ethical behavior and promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity. All staff, board members and volunteers shall act with honesty, integrity and openness in all their dealings as representatives for the organization. Failure to follow these standards will result in disciplinary action including possible termination of employment, dismissal from one’s board or volunteer duties and possible civil or criminal prosecution if warranted.

Staff, board members, consultants and volunteers are encouraged to report suspected fraudulent or dishonest conduct (i.e. to act as “whistleblower”), pursuant to the procedures set forth below.


A person’s concerns about possible fraudulent or dishonest use or misuse of resources or property should be reported to his or her supervisor or, if suspected by a volunteer, to the staff member supporting the volunteer’s work. If for any reason a person finds it difficult to report his or her concerns to a supervisor or staff member supporting the volunteer’s work, the person may report the concerns directly to the Chief Executive, the Chair or Vice Chair of the GDITA Board of Directors, or the Chair of the Finance Committee. Alternately, to facilitate reporting of suspected violations where the reporter wishes to remain anonymous, a written statement may be submitted to one of the individuals listed above.

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