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Anthony Peyton

Conflux Cloud


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Conflux Cloud
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Conflux Cloud
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Conflux Cloud helps businesses make sense of their clouds so that they can focus on building their products.

Have you ever received a cloud bill so full of jargon and acronyms that it made your head spin?
Not sure how the shared responsibility model applies to your data in public clouds?
Do you have a development team wasting time managing CI/CD pipelines, Infrastructure as Code, or security & compliance tasks instead of delivering value?
Need better visibility into who is doing what, when, where, and how in your cloud environments?

Conflux Cloud can help! We specialize in the following:

Understand your cloud costs
-Review current invoices
-Build out tagging and cost reporting
-Implement FinOps tooling

Keep your data safe and secure
-Understand obligations under the applicable shared responsibility model
-Prevent common cloud misconfigurations that lead to data loss
-Ensure data is safe by applying industry standard practices for redundancy and backup

Offload tasks from Dev Teams that don't deliver value
-Manage DevOps tools and code pipelines
-Automate infrastructure and deployments using Infrastructure as Code
-Work with business teams and internal/external auditors to ensure security and compliance requirements are met

Deliver visibility into cloud operations
-Establish uptime monitoring
-Deploy SIEM/XDR to monitor cloud activities and respond to potential threats

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