201 East Fifth St, Suite 1900
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Phone: 513-766-9444

Contact Information

Lindsay Burton

Tech Source Member

Company Description

Lingaro is a professional services company focused on data-driven enterprise transformation. For over 11 years we have served as a trusted technology partner to Fortune Global 500 companies, turning their data-driven challenges into actionable, business insights through our comprehensive range of data analytics solutions. Lingaro’s top-notch data scientists and engineers think big, execute quickly and design innovative, understandable solutions that allow our clients to make smarter, faster and better decisions. Lingaro has over 800 employees in 3 continents, including experts in over 40 technologies, and has delivered 1800+ projects to clients around the world. Notably, Lingaro has also been awarded a prestigious External Business Partner Excellence Award by Procter & Gamble, the only one given to an IT company out of other vendors that year.

Technology Offered

Consulting and Advisory
• Data management strategy
• Corporate architecture
• Technology choice
• Cloud transformation
IT Development
• Agile, Waterfall or Factory model
• Multi-vendor environment
• Wide range of technologies
• Requirements, UX and system design, build,
test, deploy
• Compliant with corporate and industry standards
Governance and Support
• 24/7 support
• Data management
• Cloud governance
• Application management
• DevOps model
• Trainings
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