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Employer Resources

Connecting TECHNOLOGY Professionals
Tomorrow’s Workforce!

Our Region’s next generation of workforce is currently in our regional K-12 schools, Colleges and Universities.

SOCHE's Employer Programs and Services can connect students, educators, government, businesses, employers, and other organizations to share information, access professional development opportunities, and close workforce gaps through increasing internships and research projects.

    High School Interns for your Company

    The Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) earned a grant from the Ohio Department of Education that allows them to pay for 100% of your High School Student’s salary, as long as the student works for at least 200 hours. The jobs that are eligible to be covered by this grant are technical jobs (e.g. Information Technology, CNC Operator, Engineering Technician, etc.). If you’re interested in training your next generation of workers by engaging with High School students, reach out to and check out their website at

    Engage with K-12 students

    The Dayton Region has over 80,000 High School students who want to learn more about Information Technology and potential careers. There are many ways to engage with these students and the Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) would like to make it easy for you. Some of the ways to engage include career fairs, classroom visits, shadow opportunities and work-based learning. They even have a 3-Step Hiring process to make it easy to hire an intern. SOCHE has designed an easy form on their website where you can detail they ways in which you would like to be engaged. They will then reach out to you with some options. It is as easy as filling out the form! While you are at it, check out some of the great resources SOCHE has on their website specifically for employers -

    College Interns for your Company

    The Strategic Ohio Council for Higher Education (SOCHE) has been in the intern business for over 40 years and has worked with 100s of employers to find them the interns they need to build their next generation of workforce. SOCHE will work with employers on crafting a Job Description and will then recruit from multiple schools to find the right match. SOCHE will conduct initial interviews to check required skills and interest and then send multiple resumes to the employer to interview and make the final choice. SOCHE will then hire the student for the employer and invoice monthly while conducting student Professional Development throughout the internship. If you’re interested in training your next generation of workers by engaging with College students, reach out to and check out their website at

    Recruit former Military with SkillBridge

    The Department of Defense created a program to assist transitioning military members connect with potential employers. The program is called SkillBridge ( and it is a fantastic way for an employer to recruit new employees with minimal risk. The SkillBridge program allows a military member to come to work in your company for up to six months, while being paid by the Department of Defense. It is easy to become a SkillBridge employer. Go to the website and fill out the form. If you have any questions, or need assistance contact SOCHE at

    Resources focused on K-12 Engagement

    Have you ever wondered how you could better engage with K-12 and Colleges around the region? Have you ever contemplated where your next generation of workforce is coming from? If you answered either one of these questions with a “YES”, then there is a website that was designed with you in mind. Go check out the SOCHE website to learn more about how you can engage. There are a lot of great resources that will walk you through the process of things like student shadow visits, classroom visits, strategies and laws for employing youth, and an employer internship toolkit. If you have any questions about any of these items please contact

      High School Tech Internship Pilot Program

      Through the High School Tech Internship Pilot Program, Ohio employers are able to connect with pilot sites to offer internships and receive reimbursement for a portion of the intern’s wages.  Interns will be placed in roles that focus on software, data, cloud and IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity. Students will be expected to perform job duties similar to what would be expected in an entry-level position

      Employers participating in the pilot will receive a higher wage reimbursement for younger students to help more students experience technology careers at an earlier age. Employers will also receive an extra $100 in reimbursement if they can demonstrate that the intern has earned an industry-recognized credential. 

      Employers interested in offering internships through the High School Tech Internship Pilot Program should contact one of the pilot sites by visiting  

      Tax Credit Certificate Program for Work-Based Learning Experiences

      As passed in Senate Bill 166, this program allows a nonrefundable credit against a taxpayer's aggregate tax liability for a taxpayer that holds a tax credit certificate issued by the Department and employs an eligible student employee, defined below. The credit equals the amount listed on the certificate and shall be claimed for the taxable year that includes the last day of the calendar year for which the certificate was issued. The credit shall be claimed in the order required under section 5747.98 of the Ohio Revised Code. Click here for more information.


      Students & Employers use Handshake to connect for Employment Opportunities! 

      Begin connecting with prospects! From start to finish, Handshake offers every tool you need to hire the most qualified and diverse candidates time and time again

      View videos and get additional information at the Handshake Support link for employers.

      The Dayton/Miami Valley Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI chapter C191) is a dynamic organization of Professional Project Managers dedicated to serving the Ohio community through the advancement of project management. In association with the Project Management Institute (PMI), the Dayton / Miami Valley Chapter's mission is to:

      Promote the profession of Project Management, practicing in a variety of applications, industries and organizations

      Promote the principles of Project Management

      Share project experiences

      Promote project management certification and training

      Provide opportunities for professional development

      Click an Organization to view an Informational Brochure

      Meet Our Partners

      Our Annual Partners share a common goal: to connect, strengthen, and champion the technology community in our region. A Technology First Partner is an elite member leading the support, development, and expansion of Technology First services. In return, Partners improve community visibility and increase their revenue. Make a difference in our region and your business. 

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