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Upcoming events

    • 12/13/2023
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Reimagine The Annual Performance Review

    Performance reviews are a valuable opportunity to discuss goals and expectations. Hear the perspective of a recruiter, coach, supervisor, and employee about how to make the most of this opportunity by preparing with key steps and tips for a successful review period. 

    In this Women 4 Tech peer group meeting you will learn:

    Tips for a successful performance review

    • How to collect evidence of your performance
    • How to receive constructive (and not so constructive) feedback
    • How to create an action plan after the review



    • 12/14/2023
    • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Montgomery Co Business Solution Center, 1435 Cincinnati St, Ste 300, Dayton, OH

    Low Code Development & Process Automation – Who is building what?


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    • 12/19/2023
    • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    • 1435 Cincinnati Street, Suite 300, Dayton, OH 45417

    Infrastructure/Cloud Special Interest Group

    Round Table Discussion

    Welcome to our round-table discussion on infrastructure and cloud computing. We invite you to actively shape the agenda and explore urgent industry issues. Topics include serverless computing, Kubernetes, zero-trust security, and green computing. Your expertise is valued, and we encourage discussion on various subjects relevant to your experiences. Join us in this trusted space for exchanging ideas and fostering collaboration within our community as we navigate the dynamic landscape of infrastructure and cloud computing.

    We encourage you to personally invite others in your network to attend the event.

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    • 01/11/2024
    • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Montgomery Co Business Solutions Center, 1435 Cincinnati St, Ste 300 Dayton, OH

    Tech Forum: CIO Council OPEN to ALL

    Annual CIO Forecast Panel


    Treg Gilstorf, Smart Data

    Parag Pujari, CIO, Jurgensen Companies

    Chris Jones, CTO, LJB

    Bill Eger, SR Technology Director, Graceworks

    Scott Saldana, Director IT Services & Infrastructure, AtriCure

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    • 01/16/2024
    • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Business Solutions Center, 1435 Cincinnati St, Dayton

    Join the Data Analytics Peer Group discussion on:

    Data Talks But Is Anyone Listening?

    • Picking the right metrics
    • How to build rapport with your audience(s)
    • How to identify and eliminate bias or preconceptions (and let the data speak for itself)
    • Ways you can upskill your audience’s interpretation of data outside of tables, bar graphs, and pie charts
    • What key lessons have you learned from either successful or unsuccessful rollouts of new data content?

    Facilitated by:

    Jennifer Nenadov and Calvin Nurge, N Solutions, LLC

    Jennifer Nenadov

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    • 01/24/2024
    • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Business Solutions Center, 1435 Cincinnati St, Dayton

    Cyber Warfare & Espionage

    • Evolving nature of state-sponsored cyber-attacks & global implications.
    • Defense strategies against espionage & national infrastructure health.
    • Ethical and legal considerations in offensive operations.

    Facilitated by:

    Cybersecurity Peer Resource Group Committee

    Powered by: 

    Modern Office Methods

    • 02/13/2024
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    • Wright State University, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, 45324 Apollo Room, Student Union

    Employers & Students! Join us where over 200+ students, faculty, and IT professionals network

    and connect.  

    The Digital Mixer is an annual event that brings together hundreds of students and IT professionals to network and connect with regional employers. Join us for casual yet meaningful conversations that could land you the job or the talent you’ve been looking for!

    Students will bring their resumes and are interested in learning more about the internships and career possibilities in the region.

    Employers will share internship, part-time, and full-time opportunities they have available.

    Dress code is business casual

     Employer Flyer
      Student Flyer

    Please contact with any questions!


    • 02/20/2024
    • 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Virtual

    Infrastructure for Future Digital Engineering

    The emerging field of Digital Engineering allows for the rapid development, prototyping, and transition of concept technologies within synthetic environments. The supporting Modeling and Simulation (M&S), and Test and Evaluation (T&E) environments are driven by data and code bases that are frequently government controlled or proprietary. As such, the protection of sensitive data through controlled infrastructure is both a necessity and limiting factor in modern technology development. This talk discusses the importance of Digital Engineering and existing challenges for concept development.

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    Your organization doesn’t have sensitive data . . . .think again. Cyber Risk Awareness for small organizations.

    Small doesn’t mean safe. This session will provide valuable insights and actionable strategies to help small organizations protect themselves from cyber risks and enhance their overall security posture. Including: Data protection best practices, Creating a cyber aware culture, Incident Response Essentials and Practical Risk Assessments.


    Kyle Fields, CEO, Appro-RX

    Laurence Jones, President & Co-Founder, CyberSure LLC

    Bryan Hunter, President, 937Payroll

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    • 03/13/2024
    • 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Sinclair Conference Center

    Join hundreds of IT Professionals at the 21st annual

    Ohio Information Security Conference

    March 13, 2024

    We bring Cybersecurity experts from all over the country together under one roof to share knowledge, stay ahead of threat actors, and answer your questions about protecting your most valuable asset: your data.

Past events

11/21/2023 Data Analytics - Lost in the Generative AI Jungle: Where to Start and What's Hiding in the Bushes?
11/08/2023 2023 10th Annual Leadership Awards
11/08/2023 2023 Taste of IT Conference
10/25/2023 Workforce Development - Alternative Recruiting Channels
10/17/2023 Infrastructure/Cloud - Enterprise Risk and ITs Role
10/04/2023 Cybersecurity - Security Awareness - CANCELLED
09/27/2023 Women 4 Technology - Women's Conference - Own IT!
09/20/2023 Technology First #UniteDaytonTech Summer Networking Series - September
09/20/2023 Technology First Scramble for Scholarships Golf Outing Fundraiser
09/19/2023 Data Analytics -The Risks and Governance Implications around AI
09/12/2023 Tech Forum: HR and IT Have More In Common Than You Think (Open to All!)
08/16/2023 IT Leaders Tech Forum: State of Talent 2023
08/15/2023 Technology First #UniteDaytonTech Summer Networking Series - August Event
07/18/2023 Technology First #UniteDaytonTech Summer Networking Series
06/15/2023 Technology First #UniteDaytonTech Summer Networking Series - June is SOLD OUT!
05/17/2023 Volunteer Appreciation
05/16/2023 Data Analytics - Customer Journey Analytics
05/11/2023 IT Leaders: Digital Twins
04/18/2023 Infrastructure/Cloud - Lift & Shift to the Cloud
04/13/2023 IT Leaders: Citizen Developers
04/12/2023 Women 4 Technology - Meaningful Mentoring
04/05/2023 Cybersecurity - Team Burnout and Breaking the Cycle
03/21/2023 Data Analytics - LexisNexis Case History of Event Center
03/01/2023 2023 Ohio Information Security Conference
02/21/2023 Infrastructure/Cloud - SASE & Network Segmentation
02/15/2023 Digital Mixer
02/09/2023 IT Leaders: The Next Assembly Line
02/08/2023 Women 4 Technology - Intentional Networking, Professional Conversation Starters, Creating Your Elevator Pitch and MORE!
01/17/2023 Data Analytics - Analytics trends from an academic perspective
01/12/2023 IT Leaders: Annual CIO Forecast Panel
01/04/2023 Cybersecurity - Cybersecurity Trends
12/13/2022 Women 4 Technology - Panel discussion "How Women Rise"
12/09/2022 Infrastructure/Cloud - AI and Automation
12/07/2022 Cybersecurity SIG - Protecting High Value Assets from Malicious Attacks
12/02/2022 Data Analytics - Data Visualization for Business Performance (virtual)
12/01/2022 IT Leaders: Quickly and Reliably Creating Psychological Safety in Agile Teams
11/16/2022 Leadership Awards Celebration
11/16/2022 2022 Taste of IT Conference
10/14/2022 Infrastructure/Cloud - Cloud Managed Services
10/07/2022 Data Analytics - Don't Use a Sledgehammer to Crack a Nut: When Is Data Science an Appropriate Path to Take?
10/05/2022 Women 4 Technology - 6th annual Collaboration Event with LexisNexis & Synchrony!
09/21/2022 Technology First Golf Outing Fundraiser
09/16/2022 Women 4 Technology - Creating an Effective Business Case
09/15/2022 IT Leaders - Scaled Agile Framework
08/26/2022 Data Analytics - Predictive Analytics
08/24/2022 Cybersecurity SIG - IoT: Tracking and Securing the Rogue Elements
08/19/2022 Infrastructure/Cloud - Navigating Cloud and Multi-Cloud – how to avoid wasting time and money
08/17/2022 Technology First & The Circuit partner to bring you a fun night of IT Networking!
08/11/2022 IT Leaders: Security Awareness
07/20/2022 Women 4 Technology - Meaningful Networking (Cincinnati)
06/16/2022 IT Leaders: CIO Business Vision Community Benchmarking (virtual)
06/09/2022 Dayton Dragons Suite hosted by altafiber & ATC
06/09/2022 IT Leaders: "IT Budget Challenges – My How They’ve Changed!"
06/07/2022 Women 4 Technology - Meaningful Networking (Dayton)
05/26/2022 Cybersecurity - Navigate the MDR Marketplace Like a Pro!
05/20/2022 Data Analytics - Montgomery County's data ecosystem driving decisions for behavioral health treatment
05/05/2022 Tech Thursday - Happy Hour Networking (Mason, OH)
04/27/2022 Security: Why IAM is the most important thing you didn't know about (Virtual)
04/21/2022 Tech Forum: Staffing Challenges and Labor Shortages (Open to All!)
04/08/2022 Data Analytics - Data-driven Customer Experiences (virtual)
03/24/2022 CIO Council - Identifying & Attacking IT Challenges
03/23/2022 Serve & Protect Networking Event w/Cadre & Technology First
03/09/2022 2022 Ohio Information Security Conference
02/25/2022 Data Analytics - AI and ML in Data Analytics: Evolution, not Revolution
02/23/2022 Women 4 Technology - The Great Resignation
02/17/2022 Tech Forum: (OPEN CIO Council) - Annual CIO Forecast Panel
02/16/2022 Digital Mixer
01/26/2022 Women 4 Technology: Productivity Killers & Solutions (virtual)
01/14/2022 Infrastructure/Cloud - The 84.51° Cloud Transformation (virtual)
12/09/2021 Cybersecurity SIG - All I want for Christmas is the cloudz (virtual)
12/08/2021 Women 4 Technology - Seamless Technology Integration
12/03/2021 Data Analytics - Forging the Future (virtual)
12/02/2021 CIO Council - Process Improvement and Business Requirements (VIRTUAL)
11/17/2021 2021 Taste of IT Conference
10/22/2021 Infrastructure/Cloud - Multi-Cloud: How Hard Could It Be? (VIRTUAL)
10/21/2021 Technology First Golf Outing Fundraiser
10/15/2021 Community Series: "Cybersecurity – Little Known Facts, What You Don't Know and Should"
10/14/2021 Tech Thursday - October 14, 2021
10/14/2021 CIO Council - Robotic Process Automation
10/08/2021 Women 4 Technology: Meaningful Mentoring (virtual)
10/01/2021 Data Analytics - Storytelling with Data - VIRTUAL
09/29/2021 Community Series: "Cybersecurity - A Risk Based Approach"
09/16/2021 Tech Thursday - September 16, 2021
09/15/2021 Women 4 Technology - Collaboration Panel with Synchrony & LexisNexis (virtual)
09/10/2021 CIO Council - Zoom Best Practices
09/01/2021 Cybersecurity SIG - Supply Chain Compromise / Third Party Risk Management
08/27/2021 Data Analytics - Data Science with Ascend Innovations - Opioid Crisis
08/25/2021 Community Series: "Cybersecurity – The Human Factor"
08/20/2021 Infrastructure/Cloud - DevOps (virtual)
08/19/2021 CIO Council Tech Forum - Talent & Market Analytics (VIRTUAL)
08/12/2021 Tech Thursday - August 12, 2021
07/20/2021 Leadership Awards Celebration
07/15/2021 Tech Thursday - July 15, 2021
07/15/2021 CIO Council Tech Forum - "Digital Transformation" (OPEN to All)
06/10/2021 Tech Thursday - June 10, 2021
06/10/2021 CIO Council - Supporting Internal Business Units
06/03/2021 Cybersecurity SIG - The Future of Fraud Today
06/02/2021 Women 4 Technology: Burnout & Managing Stress June 2, 2021
05/21/2021 Data Analytics - Data Visualization
05/19/2021 CIO Council - Low Code Development / Microsoft Power Platform
05/17/2021 2021 Spring Golf Outing - I70/75 Assoc & Tech First
05/14/2021 Infrastructure/Cloud - May 14, 2021
05/12/2021 Women 4 Technology - Power of Influence: Servant Leadership vs. Command and Control
04/15/2021 CIO Council - April 15, 2021
04/02/2021 Data Analytics - April 2, 2021
03/11/2021 18th Annual Ohio Information Security Conference
03/10/2021 OISC 2021 Sponsorship
02/18/2021 CIO Council Meeting - Healthcare IT - Leadership Panel
02/17/2021 OH-Zone's Technology First Digital Mixer and Job Fair
02/05/2021 Virtual Infastructure/Cloud Meeting
01/27/2021 Women 4 Technology - Meaningful Mentoring
01/21/2021 CIO Council Meeting - Annual Forecast Panel
01/14/2021 W4T Collaboration - Virtual Book Discussion

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